Hi, I’m Brian. I’m a 40-something, veteran, sales professional, fitness enthusiast, husband and father of three. I shuttle my kids to school and play dates, doing regular dad things. Things like kissing boo-boos, fixing toys and cleaning up spills.

But in addition to my role as father and husband, I am also an enthusiastic cannabis advocate. I have disc problems from years of athletics and treating my body like A CARNIVAL RIDE. I’m also a TYPE-A who is super task oriented so I find it difficult to slow down and enjoy the moment. I have found that certain strains of cannabis have helped ease my back pain while others have helped me to be more mindful.

Prior to the recent acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate form of healing, I was like most users living in the shadows. I am now a registered Medical Marijuana Patient with the State of Florida. Since then I have discovered that quite a few of my acquaintances use cannabis in some form or another.

I created the club and website to help change the stigma that comes with cannabis use. I want to show everyone that cannabis users are just people. Normal adults living normal adult lives. I’ve always been a social guy so the idea of creating an online community as well as holding local events feels quite natural. If what you’ve read has resonated with you, great, we welcome you with open arms.